Summer 2020 Note #1


There is a great master thesis with the title «Dance and the Use of Technology» launched into the world by Beth Ann Capristo in 2012. It is available online. Capristo skillfully overviewed possible intersections of dance and technology writing on dance influence on film and television, dance with technology implemented to live performance, and use of technology to view dance online/in cinema. It is important to add to the last option that «Dance presented through electronic media does not replace live dance; it is an extension of it.» (Capristo 37) There is a big fear nowadays that we will not see dance live anymore, only online. Ksenia Peretrukhina, a Russian stage designer, said about viewing performances online: «We can’t learn anything new from this experience. We can only confirm our physical experience, tactile experience.» (8 min. 35 sec.) She explained: «If, for example, you have seen a performance […], then you can view it quite properly because you compare this flat screen event with your impressions, with your physical experience.» (7 min. 05 sec.) Melanie George asserted: «Think of it not being a substitute but being a whole different thing.» (1:11:42) George moderated post-show talk for virtually presented choreography of Ronald K. Brown at Jacob’s Pillow yesterday. I completely agree with Capristo, Peretrukhina, and George. It is great to have some life going on online. However, it will never replace live performance, which is particularly valuable. I am personally interested in the use of technology in live performance, preferably in an interactive way when technology and movement depend on each other. I search for liveness in everything and aim for making both technology and dance alive. By the way, Ronald K. Brown’s choreography presented by Jacob’s Pillow online was extremely vivid. It is available on YouTube until tomorrow, July 25.

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«Contours of Sound» (2013) | Photographer: Sasha Saltanova