Archives: Comparing Lepecki and Lange

In October, I wrote a paper, 1000 words commentary on two articles, “The Body as Archive: Will to Re-Enact and the Afterlives of Dances” written by Andre Lepecki, and Christy Lange’s “Face to Face.” Lepecki and Lange both use archives, but their notions of archives are different. You can read the paper here.

Frieze magazine’s review

I encountered for the first time with the Frieze magazine at the university library’s periodical section. I had never seen the magazine before even though I have a particular interest in museums, did many dance projects specifically for museum spaces in my city, and follow a row of Yekaterinburg museums on Facebook and other social … More Frieze magazine’s review

Bulletin of the Vaganova Ballet Academy’s abstract review

«Bulletin of the Vaganova Ballet Academy» is a scientific journal which presents academic papers in the field of art history and criticism along with other neighbouring areas under the umbrella of liberal arts. Topics of the journal are focused on the theory and history of the art of choreography, and include interdisciplinary studies, dance technique … More Bulletin of the Vaganova Ballet Academy’s abstract review